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VIN generator - how does it work?

The VIN generator is the perfect tool for obtaining a sample body number. It allows you to easily generate a VIN, which is very helpful, for example, when it is necessary to prepare an insurance offer without full vehicle data. So how can we quickly generate a VIN?

In what cases is the VIN generator helpful?

Every insurance agent has encountered, at least once, a situation in which they had to prepare an insurance offer without full vehicle data. And as you know, most insurers' systems that calculate the premium require the VIN to be included at the initial parameterisation stage as well. So if we do not have complete information about the car, or the customer has given it to us, but we do not make a full risk assessment with error. This is where the VIN generator, available on our website, comes in handy, which makes it very easy to obtain a sample body number.

Generating a sample VIN will also help you when you are planning to purchase a specific make of car and want to check for yourself what kind of car insurance premium you can expect. If we do not yet have full details of the vehicle we are interested in, we will have limited possibilities to compare the offers available on our own. Because usually, if we want to use the calculators available on the Internet, we also need to provide the correct body number. We know from experience that the VIN generator will work perfectly well in this situation.

How does a VIN generator work?

VVIN is a unique code that allows, among other things, to identify the vehicle. Please note that this individual body number is not a random series of seventeen characters. Each number and letter it contains carries detailed information about a given car or motorbike. However, as we have already written before, we sometimes need a sample VIN number, if only to calculate the initial price of civil liability insurance. So how does the VIN generator work? This tool is very easy to use. It quickly generates a random, correct VIN code. Simply select the make of vehicle you are interested in and then click generate. You will immediately receive a sample body number and as you can see, it will not take long.

Body number decoding and VIN generator

The VIN generator will also be effective when we want to check what a sample vehicle history report looks like. Based on the generated body number, we will verify what VIN decoding looks like in practice. It is worth remembering, however, that such a report will contain only random data and will not be consistent with the actual state of affairs. Therefore, if we want to obtain full data on the car we are interested in, use proven tools. If you have the correct body number, just enter the VIN in the form below.

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