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Buying a used car in current times is a lottery. Only a thorough check of vehicle history helps you make the right purchasing decision. Do you want to check the car that interests you? Using the VIN Decoder learn about the past and the innovative tool available at will help you locate the VIN number on your vehicle.

The VIN number is a 17-character code consisting of numbers and letters. In the code, however, we will not find such letters as I, O, Q, so that they do not make a mistake with the numbers 1 and 0. The decoding of the VIN consists of three sections:

WMI- it is a global code identifying the manufacturer (World Manufacturing Identifier). This code consists of three characters and identifies the vehicle manufacturer and the region where the vehicle is from.

VDS- this is the Vehicle Descriptor Section and consists of 6 characters. There are information about the type of vehicle, chassis and construction.

VIS- it is the vehicle detailing section. It consists of 8 characters. The entire VIS code includes information about the year of production, production plant and serial number.

VIN Generator will help you learn about the history of the vehicle and you will never take on the "tricks" of traffickers who ensure that the car is not crashed and in perfect condition. Use the VIN decoder and check how simple it is.

Additionally on the website you will find a rich base of vehicles, where you can easily find information on the exact location of the VIN in a given model.